Friday, 2 May 2008

AWAKENED LIFE GROUP: Meditation & Transformation

With Pete Bampton
Most of us are aware that we living at the most crucial tipping point in our evolutionary history. The call from consciousness is clear: awaken or perish! But how do we ignite an awakening in our hearts and minds that has the power to radically transform ourselves, our relationships and our world? What would it be like to come together beyond the ego boundaries that usually keep us separate?
Awakened Life Group will happen in the warm, earthy Roundhouse at Quinta Cabeca de Mato every week or two weeks. We will arrive in silence and then meditate for 45mins. After a short break we will then gather in a circle and engage in a collective inquiry. But this will be no ordinary conversation or discussion about ´higher matters`. The endeavour will be to speak from the deepest, most real part of who we are beyond mind, personality and seeming separation.
To facilitate this there will be some simple guidelines.;
Listening fully and completely to everyone who speaks
Only speaking about what is occurring NOW
Being more interested in what we don’t yet know instead of what we already know
Not speaking about personal matters or personal history
Not giving opinions or speaking in an abstract, intellectual manner
It is my hope that this group will be a doorway through which we can discover a completely new potential for human relationship and a new ground for tapping into our individual purpose and creativity.
The group will be held on either a Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Friday evening at 8pm. I want to gauge the level of interest so if you would like to participate please send an email with you name and phone number to
Please tell me which evening you would prefer and if there is any evening that would not work for you. Also please tell me if you would prefer to meet every week or two weeks. I hope to begin the group sometime in May, maybe see you there.

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