Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Silent Drumming with Davor

Dear Silent Drummers,
we are planning our next gathering at Quinta Cabeça de Mato,Vila Seca, Tábua, from 9th to 19th of May. Main time is week from 11th to 19th. First days are tunning in and there is option to stay after oficial closing date. We will be exploring natural farming, forest care, communication with trees and plants, visible and invisible beings and landscape. We will practice some new social concepts (communal and tribal living...) and much more!
we will live intensive together in a small group about 10 people, welcoming some part-time participants who cannot for certain reason stay with us all the time. We will live, cook, eat, swim and day & night dream colectively...
and this is a Silent Drumming?yes! we are going to do it!Hope to see you there
Davor email-

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