Thursday, 13 November 2014

Volunteer? Voluntario?

We are looking for a group of willing helpers for the dates 29th November to 13th December 2014 The main reason for asking for help is working in the garden, we are weeding, mulching, planting out our perennials in the raised beds. If the weather is really raining we will do some interior building restoration work. We also have some varied forest work to be done at this time The helpers will be in a separate house with 7 beds in 2 different rooms, a lounge / equipt kitchen with a wood range, hot showers available and outside compost toilets. We will invite you all to be conscious about use of amenities whist staying and suggest the group has a rota to share cleaning. What should you bring? Working boots and wet weather clothes, spare clothes for free time. Sleeping bag, towel and only bio degradable washing products please. Willingness and honesty and sharing will also be quite helpful! contact us on

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

No Till , Why?

No Till, just a few reasons why Often called “Conservation Agriculture” (CA) is used to define zero-tillage combined with permanent surface mulch The benefits of minimal soil disturbance plus mulch can be seen in practice at many Permaculture farms, including here at Quinta Cabeça do Mato where gradually our land is being transformed to more fertile and abundant and beautiful nature loving state, Feed the earth and Feed your plants to Feed healthy people. That’s a circle coming back to a healthy planet! If you are local and interested in our Community Supported Agriculture scheme please contact us at This method gives savings in time - we can use this time to do other activities but also it can result in timelier planting and better yields Less cost - savings in fuel costs (Taking into account the unsustainable use of non renewable fossil fuels , we only have one planet) also energy for pumping water, and less wear and tear on tractors and equipment, in fact the tractor should be used to the minimum. Savings in water and therefore increased water use efficiency – (using drip for ex.) better water infiltration and better moisture in the soil profile Less soil erosion since water infiltration is better Minimal soil disturbance actually brings less seed to the surface for germination . With a good layer of mulch and time, weed problems are reduced. Mulch from cereal residue has allelopathic properties that reduce weed germination Soil organic matter increases, especially at the soil surface where it is most important Soil physical properties including surface soil aggregates improve. Soil porosity improves because of the action of the previous crop roots that leave a network of continuous pores that allow for easier root penetration of the next crop . Soil biological diversity increases incredibly leading to more biological activity and Mycorrhizal Fungi and better recycling of nutrients It has been shown that once this system has stabilized, pest and disease problems are less. For pests, the residue on the surface promotes and provides a habitat for beneficial insects. For diseases, soil microbial diversity is increased leading to better disease control and reduction in proliferation of just a few pathogenic diseases. Be Aware- Our land is the most degraded biological entity on Earth, Each mechanical cultivation kills off micro-organisms. We should have respect for the land and realize we are working with a living biological entity

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Apanhar Azeitonas, Picking olives

Invitation to help ,2 weeks- 25 Oct-8 Nov , come and join in the olive harvest at Quinta Cabeça do Mato, Tábua. Please bring clothes for all weathers, and sleeping bag, torch, willing hands. We provide vegetarian food. Shared house. Let us know if you can come, details- Convite para estes duas semanas, 25 Oct-8 Nov, junta-te ao à colheita de azeitonas na Quinta Cabeça do Mato, Tábua. por favor traga roupa para todas tempos, saco-cama, lanterna, vontade de trabalhar. Comida vegetariana incluída. Casa partilhada Avisa-nos se puderes vir,

Friday, 10 October 2014

Beautiful days

Would you like to volunteer to help on our Permaculture farm? please send us an email!

Friday, 15 August 2014

Vegetables in season, legumes de epoca

Join our Community Supported Agriculture sceme and receive local produce, no gmo or chemicals!

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Helpers Welcome, Ajudantes bem vindo!

We always welcome helpers from these sites-Nos sempre aceita ajudar atraves destes sites, This is a great way to meet like minded people, este e uma maneira para encontrar pessoas ecologicas!

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Ajudar e Aprender, Help and Learn!

O que? Ajudar e aprender Quando? 12-18 de Abril Onde? Quinta Cabeça do Mato, Tábua Para quem? Para todos dispostos, (acesso limitado em alguns espaços), partilha de tarefas diárias, crianças serão bem vindas. O que vamos fazer em conjunto?Pôr em pratica alguns conhecimentos de Permacultura, observar a natureza , hugelkultur em swales, aquacultura , fechar os ciclos, plantações em estufas, construção de bio casas de banho,construção de fornos ecológicos. Calendário bio dinâmico, observação de abelhas, cozinha vegetariana, mosaicos, felting. Trás as tuas ofertas e bom espírito! etc... Este tempo juntos será passado a conectar com a natureza que nos rodeia e pediríamos aos participantes para fazer parte da oportunidade de mudanças positivas que a primavera nos trará! Se gostarias de vir ajudar só por um dia(vizinhos) ou para a semana inteira por favor envia nos um e-mail e nós enviamos-lhe mais detalhes What? Helping and learning When? 12-18 april Where? Quinta Cabeça do Mato, Tábua Who For?-Everyone who is willing,( limited access in some places) sharing daily tasks, children welcome. What will we do together? Some Permaculture in practice, observation of nature hugelkultur in swales, aquaculture-closing the loop, worm farming, raised beds , drip irrigation, mulching, seeds and planting times, greenhouse growing, bio toilets build, Eco-stove build.Bio dynamics, calendar, bees watching, vegetarian cooking, Mosaics, felting. Bring your offers and good will!etc …this time together will be spent on connecting with the nature that surrounds us and we would ask participants to take this opportunity to be open to the beneficial changes in us that the springtime can bring! If you’d like to come for just a day to help (locals) or the full week please email us and we will send you details

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Green Gathering 2014 Encontro Verde 2014

Olá pessoal! Muito obrigado pelas vossas perguntas sobre o Encontro Verde deste ano. Trabalhando com a natureza decidimos adiar o Encontro Verde para os inícios de Setembro 2014, e durante o verão faremos dias e semanas de voluntariado para que este evento seja mais auto-sustentável. obrigado Ola Green Gatherers Thank you all for your enquiries, working with nature we have decided to move forward the dates of Encontro Verde to the beginning of September 2014, and during the summer will hold volunteer help days/weeks for this event to be more self sustainable thanks