Saturday, 31 May 2008


Instead of feeling depressed by the news, try sending Healing or Reiki, to the planet. It could be making the situation worse if everybody just thinks bad or gloom and doom, because this is an energy too, so don't contribute with depressed thought, send the planet LOVE and LIGHT. After all thoughts are the most powerful things we have, everything starts with INTENTION, love Caryn XX
REIKI INITIATIONS with Caryn and Melissa, various dates

Thursday, 29 May 2008

Meeting Me, Meeting You

open group with Anjelika wolf, Sunday 1 june 1500-1800
How do I communicate with myself and with others?
self experience excercises, ( 5 Euros)


we need a lift over from s. england for our flow form, it needs to travel lying down flat, and wieghs about 250 kgs, willing to contribute to journey quintacabecadomato@gmail

thanks universe!

Sunday, 25 May 2008

Introduçao a Permacultura

Quinta Cabeça Do Mato , Vila Seca ,TABUA,14th and 15th June
Feel welcome to come along ,if you are interested in an alternative organic way of living,and would like to know a bit more about Permaculture, or perhaps share your knowledge.
10-13 Local Bio-ponto initiative organic/local products
10-14 "Food for Friends" organic cafe
ECO-library and artesanato corner, please join!+Second hand clothes/books,
1400 Eco-Round House - INTRODUCTION TO PERMACULTURE, various speakers
1600 permaculture practical in garden
1800 Discussion
1930 cooking together, bring vegetarian food to share!
Possible to camp overnight , email
Sunday 15th june , more practical in garden during day
PLUS discussion SETTING UP PORTUGUESE PERMACULTURE ASSOCIATION possibilities? bring your ideas please.

Quinta Cabeça do Mato
14 e 15 de Junho
Junta-te a nós se estás interessado numa vida alternativa e natural, se queres aprender algo mais sobre Permacultura ou se tiveres conhecimentos para partilhar.

10.00-12.30: Cooperativa local Bio-Ponto Iniciativa – produtos e legumes etc biológicos para troca/venda;
Comida para os amigos – “Amigos da Terra Café”, serve menu biológico até ás 14.00h
Faz-te membro da nossa eco-biblioteca!

14.00: Casa Redonda – Introdução a Permacultura, onde várias pessoas iram falar
16.00: Permacultura prática na horta
18.00: Conversa/Discussão
19.30: Cozinhamos juntos. Traz comida vegetariana para partilhar

Existe a possibilidade de acampar, contacta:

Mais Permacultura prática e no fin do dia discussao sobre criação de uma Associação de Permacultura em Portugal.

Thursday, 15 May 2008

Aulas de CURA , Healing Group-CELIA

18th May
Healing group, sunday 1130
and psychic 1400
Cura 1130 domingo,
e desenvolvimento psicico.1400
trazer comida vegetariana para partilhar!
custos cobertos para donativos obrigado

Saturday, 10 May 2008

Photos Dulce

Curso Permacultura Design

Novas datas-6-14 Setembro

New Dates 6th-14th September


We made Rose Hydrosol yesterday

Hydrosols are the condensate water coproduced during the steam- or hydro-distillation of plant material for aromatherapeutic purposes.

Fizemos hydrosol de rosa ontem

O hydrosol do termo é uma combinação do hydro (água) e do solenóide (solução) - uma solução natural da água
Quando as plantas ou as flores são postas no destilador ou no tanque do distillation, estão sujeitadas à água fervendo, ao vapor, ou a ambos. Quando o vapor bate a planta, o óleo essencial está liberado no vapor. O vapor mistura com o vapor e está separado somente outra vez enquanto o vapor esfria no tanque se condensando.

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Permacultura Introduçaõ

sabado 14, domingo 15 junho, na quinta cabeça do mato, Tabua. permacultura intro. e experiencia practica na horta!
saturday 14th sunday 15th june, at quinta cabeça do mato, Tabua . intro. to permaculture and practical experience in the garden!
Todos bem Vindo, All Welcome

Silent Drumming with Davor

Dear Silent Drummers,
we are planning our next gathering at Quinta Cabeça de Mato,Vila Seca, Tábua, from 9th to 19th of May. Main time is week from 11th to 19th. First days are tunning in and there is option to stay after oficial closing date. We will be exploring natural farming, forest care, communication with trees and plants, visible and invisible beings and landscape. We will practice some new social concepts (communal and tribal living...) and much more!
we will live intensive together in a small group about 10 people, welcoming some part-time participants who cannot for certain reason stay with us all the time. We will live, cook, eat, swim and day & night dream colectively...
and this is a Silent Drumming?yes! we are going to do it!Hope to see you there
Davor email-

Friday, 2 May 2008

Permaculture Design

We're having a very good time with a great portuguese group on the permaculture design with Lesley Martin, fun , food and learning is actually quite a good mix.

AWAKENED LIFE GROUP: Meditation & Transformation

With Pete Bampton
Most of us are aware that we living at the most crucial tipping point in our evolutionary history. The call from consciousness is clear: awaken or perish! But how do we ignite an awakening in our hearts and minds that has the power to radically transform ourselves, our relationships and our world? What would it be like to come together beyond the ego boundaries that usually keep us separate?
Awakened Life Group will happen in the warm, earthy Roundhouse at Quinta Cabeca de Mato every week or two weeks. We will arrive in silence and then meditate for 45mins. After a short break we will then gather in a circle and engage in a collective inquiry. But this will be no ordinary conversation or discussion about ´higher matters`. The endeavour will be to speak from the deepest, most real part of who we are beyond mind, personality and seeming separation.
To facilitate this there will be some simple guidelines.;
Listening fully and completely to everyone who speaks
Only speaking about what is occurring NOW
Being more interested in what we don’t yet know instead of what we already know
Not speaking about personal matters or personal history
Not giving opinions or speaking in an abstract, intellectual manner
It is my hope that this group will be a doorway through which we can discover a completely new potential for human relationship and a new ground for tapping into our individual purpose and creativity.
The group will be held on either a Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Friday evening at 8pm. I want to gauge the level of interest so if you would like to participate please send an email with you name and phone number to
Please tell me which evening you would prefer and if there is any evening that would not work for you. Also please tell me if you would prefer to meet every week or two weeks. I hope to begin the group sometime in May, maybe see you there.